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Optimus Time

A time tracking tool we built for our own team at the agency to serve our specific needs.

To finally have a time tracking tool that everyone at the company is happy with, a few colleagues and me started working on what was going to be Optimus Time.

Every other day we stayed late at the office and fueled with beer and music we kept building Optimus Time over the course of several weeks. Because I was the only designer I had a lot of freedom with the UI and even learned a great deal of Front End Development as I helped with the actual implementation of my designs.

Optimus Time offers different ways to track your hours to fit everyones preferred way of keeping track. Either use a timer and switch between projects on the fly, or track once and slice up the time afterwards. You can of course also add times manually or even via console commands when you are working in the terminal anyway.

It will remain an internal tool as it is very specifically tailored to our needs and while it is periodically updated, we don't have the resources to treat it as a real product.