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Harvard Bauhaus Collection

An intuitive online archive for the harvard bauhaus collection.

This project is a result from »Active Archives«, a class at FH Potsdam that was in collaboration with the Digital Humanities Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

We chose to work with the Harvard Bauhaus Collection located in Cambridge, wich we had the chance to visit during our trip to Boston where we also presented the final project at MIT.

The main goals for us was to design an intuitive browsing experience that gives you as little or as much information as you like. Different view options for collections and items provide you either with a broad overview of a collection or detailed information for specific pieces. You can also put things into context by applying different filters in the correlation view and reveal more metadata as needed. We enriched the metadata with translations and 3d scans of the pieces wich is more engaging than just walls of text and dates. Our solution makes it possible to experience the collection like you would in an actual museum, where you can just glance through a room or approach pieces that spike your interest, revealing more information by physically moving closer to the object.